If you are seeking to obtain services for you or your loved one, eHark offers several plans.

Hourly Rate

Hourly Rates are based upon the customized services requested by the customer. Two hours minimum are required. Hourly rates are typically $20.00 per hour. There is a 10% discount with eHark Membership (see below).

Job Rates

Customers may request a specific job such as meal preparation assistance or light housekeeping. A minimum cost will apply.

Long-term Rates

Customers are encouraged to take advantage of long-term rates. These rates are available to customers who sign up for at least 240 hours of service, to as far as possible ensure the same eHark Angel is providing the services to a customer.

For rates, please contact us.

Membership Discount

All rates are affordable and customers are eligible for a 10% discount after enrolling as an eHark Angel Member.

Membership Benefits:
  • 10% Discount
  • eHark Angel Introductory Membership Gift
  • Quarterly Newsletter
  • 24 Hour Access

Cost: $20.00 Annually


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