According to the Center for Aging Research, there are 40+ million seniors living today. Many do not have chronic health conditions or illnesses, and many are lonely. They may or may not have family or friends to listen and sit with them. The bottom line is: most aging seniors do not have an ear to listen to them nor a companion to sit with them. Imagine if lonely, aging seniors could live in their own place and have regular scheduled visits, a companion to listen, assist in a meal preparation, run errands, and straighten their place up.

eHark, LLC is a companion service provider. It delivers affordable senior day care, sitting, and listening alternative services for aging seniors who are lonely but do not require healthcare needs provided by healthcare professionals (Health care Aides and CNA’s).  eHark is not a healthcare service.

The Company offers its customers a wide range of moderately-priced services such as: visits, listening, performing errands, assisting in meal preparation, reminding of medication times, light housekeeping, and friendly company.  For more, visit our Services page.

The owners have become aware through experience and research that there is a growing need for services of the type offered by the company.

Single, aging adults in the US

Women Alone 75+
At Home Alone
Population 65+

Aging baby boomers are expected to reach 20% of the population by 2030. Baby boomer segments differ by race and ethnicity. Old non-Hispanic white women and black women are more likely than women of other races to live alone. eHark also helps people convalescing that have temporary limited mobility due to illnesses, accident and injuries.

eHark is convenient to customers because they can use smart phones, computers, and tablets as well as voice lines to sign up for services.

eHark's corporate office is located in Mooresville, North Carolina, but it offers services in a number of locations and is steadily expanding the locations in which it is active.


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