As a young boy growing up in a rural Arkansas Community, the President of eHark, DeRay Cole, went with his grandmother on many occasions to visit with aging seniors as she was at the time. They were overjoyed to have someone come sit with them and listen to them for a while. That tradition, unfortunately, has been gone for decades.

The bottom line is: most aging seniors do not have an ear to listen to them nor a companion to sit with them. As he grew up, and later, when studying the research regarding baby boomers, DeRay found it compelling that there are many aging lonely seniors today. The numbers continue to grow. It is forecast that by the year 2030, aging seniors 65 and older are expected to reach 20% of the population.

eHark will deliver a carefully-selected range of customized services and products for aging seniors. The concept is based upon my grandmother’s vision: to provide seniors with nonmedical services that result in friendship, and a positive caring presence that will reduce loneliness, isolation, and depression.


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