Always do the right thing with internal and external customers. Exercise the principles embodied in FACT:

F – eHark believes that friendship is essential to provide quality service.
A – eHark believes that our services should always be affordable.
C – eHark believes that caring is an expression of compassion.
T – eHark believes that trust enables our customers to have “Peace of Mind”.

Companion service providers will need to sign a more comprehensive Code of Conduct as part of their independent service contract. As contractors, they will  need to acknowledge and agree that a customer's personal information is private and confidential and will not be shared with anyone - including family members - without the expressed consent of the customer. eHark also requires contractors to abide by its morality clause, an abbreviated version of which is below.

Morality Clause

Contractors acknowledge that because of the type of services provided and that such services are commonly provided in the homes of eHark's customers and that quality customer service is the pinnacle of eHark's business they will agree to conduct themselves all times with due regard to public conventions and morals. The contractor agrees not to do or commit any act that will reasonably tend to degrade themselves or bring eHark into public hatred, contempt, or ridicule, or tend to shock or offend the community in which the contractor and eHark are engaged in the provision of services, or which may prejudice eHark in its industry.

The contractor agrees that such behavior includes smoking, use of smokeless tobacco, electronic cigarrettes, use of drugs or other mind-altering or intoxicating substances including alcohol, inappropriate relationships with eHark's customers, use of profanity, theft, lying and falsifying information.

The contractor acknowledges and agrees that this provision is necessary to protect eHark's goodwill in the community in which it operates and thus protects the profitability of eHark as a company.


Contractors are required to follow precautionary measures to prevent the spread of COVID-19 as briefly outlined in our FAQs and are required to show proof of vaccination status.


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